Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Opening on January 28th 2011

The Vlaeykensgang address where the Axel Vervoordt Gallery will be situated is the exact same location where Axel Vervoordt presented work by Jef Verheyen in a solo exhibition in 1974. It was during the opening of this event that Vervoordt met Gunther Uecker for the first time and an instant sense of mutual appreciation and curiosity emerged.

In addition to representing ZERO and Gutai artists, the gallery will also provide a platform for artists whose work resonates and connects as its substance taps into the flow of the universe.

The inaugural exhibition will show sixteen works from the Black Rain series by G√ľnther Uecker, executed in 1999, as well as later works, in which Uecker treats themes connected to the very core of human existence: nature and religion. Uecker’s ultimate message, which comes to us through centuries of co-existence of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in cities around the world, is the basic „same-ness? of all of us, profoundly human as we are, acting upon our deepest instinct to protect those we care for.

Imbedded in the Antwerp gallery landscape, the Axel Vervoordt Gallery will largely follow the exhibition pattern of the city’s major galleries. 

For more information on the activities of the Axel Vervoordt Gallery: www.axelvervoordtgallery.com

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