Friday, September 23, 2011

Gotthard Graubner @ Josef Albers Museum, Bottrop

Gotthard Graubner. Malerei. Gespräch mit Josef Albers
25. September 2011 bis 15. Januar 2012
Josef Albers Museum
Im Stadtgarten 20
D-46236 Bottrop

Gotthard Graubner, born 1930, is one of the best known representatives of German art since 1970. You can call his art in general 'color painting'. This means that the color is emphasized here in his own language skills: All levels of the image - space, form, movement and light - to be developed consistently from the organization and linguistic power of color.

This emphasis on the color of Graubner suggests an intrinsic relationship to the concept of Josef Albers, who has explored in his paintings of the series 'Homage to the Square' the interaction of color.

Gotthard Graubner is represented with works from the early 1950s to its newest paintings from 2011. A total of 32 oil paintings are shown together with ten photographs. Graubner will select from the Museum's collection of paintings Albers works whose visual language he feels close.

The series 'Albers in context' previously examined the relationship between Josef Albers and American art since 1960. With Graubner presenting for the first time an artist of German origin as a partner of Albers.

The exhibition is supported by the Arts Foundation NRW and the Cultural Foundation of the Sparkasse Bottrop.

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